Swiss UK Replica TAG Heuer Silverstone ref. 510.403 Online

My pick for the list of vintage fake TAG Heuer is the brilliant replica Heuer Silverstone ref. 510.403. It is part of a series of Lemania 5100-powered luxury fake watches that Heuer released in the early ’80s. If you have read my article on the best TAG Heuer copy watches from the 1970s, you know that I love the Calibre 12 Heuer Silverstone watches. That first-generation Silverstone and this second-generation cheap replica TAG Heuer only have their dial shape in common. Both feature a square dial with rounded edges, but that’s about where the similarities end. This 1:1 fake TAG Heuer Silverstone has more in common with another icon from the 1970s; the Omega Speedmaster TV Dial ref. ST176.0014. Both copy watches UK feature a similar dial layout typical for the Lemania 5100 movement.

This second-generation AAA replica TAG Heuer Silverstone was introduced in 1983. It featured a 40mm square case design with a high gloss finish that immediately stands out. Looking at it face-on, it seems as if the entire case has the same finish, but the sides actually have a brushed finish for some nice contrast. The super clone watches powered by the Lemania 5100 movements are generally pretty chunky, and this Silverstone is no different. At 15mm thick, this is quite a serious slab of steel on the wrist. Fortunately, the 22mm lug width allows you to put on a matching strap that ensures the watch balances perfectly on your wrist. Originally, the perfect replica watch came on a Tropic Rubber strap that looks great. The story goes that some may have also been delivered on a rare Novavit SA bracelet, but there is no official image that confirms it.
Hard to find
The Swiss made replica TAG Heuer Silverstone features a beautiful charcoal grey dial. The layout is defined by the automatic Lemania 5100 movement. The movement operates at 28,800vph and has a power reserve of 48 hours. Unlike the Speedmaster TV Dial and Speedmaster “Holy Grail,” it does not feature the 24-hour indicator at 12 o’clock. Heuer fake for sale decided to remove it, so it leaves space for the logo and model name. A remarkable fact is that there are so-called “Poor Man’s” versions of the Silverstone, the Sinn 105 being one of them. Some of these high quality fake watches were powered by the Lemania 5012 movement. Essentially this was a slower-paced version of the Lemania 5100 that also did not have the 24-hour register. But for their Silverstone, TAG Heuer copy online decided to take the 5100 and do the extra work of removing the register.

In a strange move, best replica TAG Heuer decided to remove the model names of the dials of their watches in the mid-eighties. That’s why you will also find this Silverstone without the model name underneath the logo. It was a break from the past where the brand was always connected to the model names that reflected its connection to racing. As mentioned, the Swiss movement copy TAG Heuer Silverstone ref. 510.403 was part of a series of wholesale replica watches UK that Heuer released with Lemania movements. This partnership is definitely worth checking out. The guys at Calibre 11 wrote a two-part history about it and all the models that it produced. This top Swiss fake TAG Heuer Silverstone was one of the most iconic watches stemming from the partnership, and it is a rare bird indeed. If you find one, expect to pay between €4K–€6,5K. That is if you can find one.

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