Two Swiss Made Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches For Sale UK

In The Stratosphere: Fake Omega Speedmaster Japan Racing Dial (3570.40)

This 2004 Japan-market limited edition visually references the original Swiss fake Omega Speedmaster Racing from 1969, a “pre-Moon” example. The dial is also shared with the Speedmaster Mk II. It’s James Stacey’s favorite Omega Speedmaster replica watches online and one of mine, too. I wish I had picked one up when I had the chance, although I did end up owning a MkII with a racing dial instead.

Like many limited editions, the number of examples produced mirror the year of production, so there are 2004 of these watches out there and they currently trade in the low- to mid-teens. After all, the UK Omega Speedmaster replica watches Paypal was originally a racing watch before it accidentally found fame as a moon watch. As James has mentioned, there’s something great about an edition that speaks to that.

On The Launch Pad: Replica Omega Speedmaster Reduced Racing (3518.50.00)

The AAA fake Omega Speedmaster UK reduced has never really found a strong following in the collector community. That’s most likely because of the high price of servicing and the fact that, well, one of the main points of a post-Moon Speedy is that it’s not automatic. But if you really want a racing dial then this is a great way to go.

It was a 2010 edition of a not-so-limited 6,000 cheap copy watches and features the same racing track that you find in its more popular cousins. “Racing” even appears above the 6 o’clock subregister, just to further reinforce the racing (and Schumacher) connection. We do have one over at Crown & Caliber, and I’d still pick this best 1:1 replica Omega even if we didn’t.

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